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Friday, May 10, 2019
When I first became pregnant with Levi, I had the perfect plan:
When he was three months old, my (now ex) husband and I would move to Chicago for me to finish my clinical rotations, he would sleep through the night at 4 months old, nurse until he was 2 years old, I would match immediately after 4th year and I would have everything I want in life.

When Levi was 2 years old, I had finished the last two years of medical school after living alone in Chicago, I was divorced, Levi still didn’t sleep through the night, I wasn’t matched, but at least he was still nursing.

Levi just turned 3 years old, he just started sleeping through the night, he finally stopped nursing 6 months ago,  I matched into my dream program and will be moving away to a new city. Finally, just as a thought I would have a few years ago- I have everything I want at this point in my life.

In just one month, Levi and I will be moving to Indianapolis, once again in a city where we have not yet developed a support system. The raw truth- sometimes I am extremely overwhelmed by this, particularly when I think about overnight shits and finding childcare for the holidays or if Levi is sick. Other times, the majority of the time, I am confident we will make it work and excited to see how.

Why? Because we made Chicago work even when being there alone was unexpected, I had no consistent income and I had significant stress in my personal relationships.

This time I was able to plan for this (and will have stable income 😜).

I know I will be busy, but I hope I find the time to write about some of our accomplishments and obstacles during residency. I hope to encourage others to go after their dreams- whether you are a single mom becoming a doctor or a big dreamer!

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