Friday, March 11, 2016

Maternity Photography: Key West Florida : Iris Moore Photography

After Zika Virus scares canceled our initial baby moon plans, Ben and I opted to stay closer to home and flew to Key West booking a last minute photoshoot for maternity photos. I was initially let down when I had to let go of my international plans, but I am so happy that I did. Having my maternity photos done by Iris Moore was worth more than any international trip ( I can always take later). I described how I imagined my maternity photos and it is like she read my mind. Amazing is an understatement! Key West was suppose to be a "consolation prize",but it actually turned out to be one of my most memorable trips! On top of an amazing photo session with Iris, Ben and I went for a dessert date. The waiter made my ice cream scoops and a piece of chocolate to look like genitalia and put congrats on it..  A hilarious way to celebrate our a baby boy!

Welcome Forest Friends: My DIY Woodlands Baby Shower

 So, before I got pregnant (when I pinterest planned my entire life), no one told me you don't plan your own baby shower. Well, I already had my mind set on a woodlands themed shower and brainstormed all the DIY ideas around it. I pretty much begged my way into taking over my baby shower... Not really. I was pretty much like you host it, but I will make everything *angel face* Without med school I had a lot of extra time this year off, but this ended up working out well with my friends own demanding personal commitments... As tiring as it was, I was happy to have the perfect Woodlands themed baby shower, held in a cabin of course, with 20 forest animals (stuffed animals I still have no idea what to do with now) and all my family and friends. I loved this neutral theme for a co-ed baby shower! If you have any questions about how something was made let me know. I made every thing pictured, except for the cake, lamp, oh and my grandpa.