Sunday, January 10, 2016

7 Weeks and 5 Days= Food Adversions

Image from Chelsea's Messy Apron, Click me to go to her recipe!

I have never heard about food aversions until I was pregnant. Ironically it was the only symptom I thought I probably wouldn’t get. After a long morning, I could not wait to start making my cheesy quinoa enchiladas. As I was putting the ingredients together, I fell in love with the smell. I loaded all the ingredients into the crockpot, and started the wait. As the ingredients started to warm up, the smell of Mexican food filled the house and I started to get really hungry. I tried snacking on anything possible but all I wanted was cheesy enchiladas. I don’t know what happened between 8pm and 12am, but when I went downstairs to open the crock-pot, as soon as I looked in the pot I already knew I did not like it. I tried preparing a plate and was disgusted. I told Ben that we need to just put it away, don’t even try it, I will try to fix it or something tomorrow. It wasn’t the nice soft quinoa I knew at all, it was some mush. Ben went and looked in the pot, he told me it looks the same as always. When he tasted it again, he told me it tasted great, same as before. I just ate spinach for dinner :(.

Weeks Pregnant: 7 +5
Weight Gained: 2
Symptoms: Food Aversions


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