Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Review and Discount Code!

Dorothea Frame by
My eye doctor will be very pleased! For the past 10 years I have had the worst habits in regards to my contacts. I would sleep in them for several days in a row and keep the same pair for longer than I should.

I recently had the opportunity to try glasses from GlassesShop, an online shop for cheap glasses. They offer a wide range of fashionable prescription eye glasses and sunglasses.

I have had my pair for the past two weeks and have not taken them off since. Seriously, I think I only wore my contacts twice! The frames of the glasses I received are very sturdy compared to other glasses I have tried in the past and they feel more durable than my name brand frames that cost me $200. I normally gravitate towards the classic black frame, but fell in love with the gold accents on the side. Ben feels like the chic design brings out my almond eyes ;). is easy to navigate. After browsing through their wide selection of fashionable frames, you can experiment with their "Try It On" Feature upload a picture of yourself to virtually try them on. After I narrowed my search to my top 3, Ben selected his favorite frame and all I had to do was enter my RX (you can receive from the eye doctor if you do not know) and easily enter the values. In no time the glasses will be delivered in a transparent white case with a cleaning cloth.

You can even get 50% off with this code: GSHOT50

Visit them on:

I am glad I found this new alternative to order my fashionable prescription glasses!

This review was written in exchange for free products, however all content is true and of my own opinion. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pregnancy Reveal to Ben

Disclaimer: Pregnancy related post were previously written beginning in August, but have been pre-scheduled to upload after we have announced the pregnancy to our extended family during the holidays. I apologize in advanced for any timeline confusion.

I was the MOST excited about the way I decided to tell Ben we were pregnant. I knew I was pregnant 8 days past ovulation. I felt it! I didn't believe it when we got the positive test, but I just knew! A friend and photographer of mine helped me pull of an amazing surprise. I told Ben I wanted to take photos together just for fun and that we would write secret messages on chalkboards and see what the messages say after we developed the pictures. Of course the plan was to never wait that long. I went first, and I showed him my chalkboard right away!

Check out the pictures below!

I am so grateful to the photographer for helping document this amazing memory. I got to hear Ben scream in a way I ever thought he could (unfortunately it was after we were done taping, when the excitement finally set in)! <3
Weeks Pregnant: 4
Weight Gained: 0
Cravings: none