Friday, November 27, 2015

Pregnancy Announcement: The Tenth Goal!

Here is a little belly picture from when
 I was entering the second trimester!
I'm bigger than this now!    

I guess I have some explaining to do!

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to post "9 goals for my year off". The very particular side of me was driven crazy. Nine is such an odd number. But I was able to keep my own secret, knowing I had I very specific way and time I wanted to announce my pregnancy!

The last time I was fully open with you, I was just about to sit Step 1.

Ben and I decided to wait very late into our pregnancy before we would tell anyone, even family! I knew I wanted to tell my dad using my USMLE results (more details coming later), and would possible use this to tell my extended family during Thanksgiving. 

I am writing this is August and will continue writing secretly until November. After we announce everything, blogs written from August to November will be scheduled to automatically post, meaning they may be 4-5 months late! Sorry for the confusion in advanced!

Ben and I cannot wait to update you all on everything that has been going on the past five months. We have some really exciting videos and pictures to share!    

Love well,

Wife M.D