Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer "Vacation"

No time to really "talk". So far in between study sessions this summer has been exciting and full of blessings. I hope to go into detail more after the USMLE, but for now here are a few pictures from this summers events.

1)I grew up in small airports. Every weekend or so my Dad would wake my brother and me, and give us an envelope with a puzzle. Using the clues, maps, weather charts or whatever tool my dad gave us that day, we had to figure out where we were going. Then we assisted my dad with his flight pre-check and climbed aboard his Cessna SR22 to start our adventure. My main motivation to finishing my private pilots license is to provide my children with the same adventure my dad provided for me.  Ben has also been interested in earning his private pilots license and has already passed his written exam. So as a birthday surprise I booked him a flight lesson. Even though I wasn't going to be flying, I still was so excited to be back inside one of these little babies and back "home". Ben was excited and did great on his first flight! Ben officially booked 0.8 hours in his flight log, only 39.2 more to go!!! I can't wait until we are taking our own little ones on adventures #PilotCouple #PowerCouple
Video Coming Soon!
      I had the best birthday ever!!!!! Beach trip, new phone, 6 pounds of gummy bears (shout out to the grandpa!) and A NEW CAR!!!!! This car literally has everything I wanted and I can't believe my Grandpa and Dad got it for me. Best EVER!
    The first place I took the car... the library.... -_- but the second place was the beach!
            (Have to stay focused, when you have 2 diehard supporters like my father and grandpa, you don't just need to succeed or pass, you need to exceedl!)

Here are some other general pictures from the summer so far! 

Playing with my stethoscope with my nephew

Little cousin graduating

Love being at home! My dad eats out all the time
so I get free food that's out of my student budget :P

 From today until July! Only USMLE studying!!!

See you in July!

Love Well,



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