Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exam update

Our exam scores aren't released until May 20th, but I think if I decide to stay at school and wait around I will get way too down. I also decided that it would be better if I am at home and can be with Ben when I figure out the outcome of exams.

I feel a lot better overall today, One of my friends literally stopped my tears in their tracks with amazing words of encouragement, and actually made me feel hopeful when I didn't think it was possible at that time.

I started to pack but for the most part laid in bed all day yesterday, and my roommate/ best friend brought me pizza in bed (its better than breakfast bed), even though I did't have an appetite, I probably needed to eat.

Then my other friend took me to get a new suitcase and we had an ice cream date, where I had two ice cream cones.

Even though this sucks, I don't feel like its the end of the world anymore, there are two possibilities of what can happen. I can get a low score even with the parts filled in incorrectly or have to retake the exam, both will go on my transcript. Instead of thinking about the negatives of both options, I now feel like if I get a low score and still pass, I will know that I probably managed to reach the goal  worked hard for, even if its not reflected on my transcript or I will have to resit and of course it sucks going through an exam again, but with the resit I will be able to actually see my hard work in a number value.

Either way,
Life goes on!

Love Well,

   Wife MD


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