Monday, March 23, 2015

Quick Up Dates

Quick up date: My last placement of second year is over!! My medical placement finished on Friday and it ended just as great as it started.  Maybe even better because I got to put in a central venous line!!!

Now for the next 5 weeks, I will be in the classroom/ in PBL before exam time. I am excited and nervous. The countdown to seeing my husband and my family also means I'm closer to one big exam at the end of the year. Its make it or break it hahaha.

As far as USMLE studying, I feal like I am always “just starting”. Last March, I made a post after exams saying I was “Officially starting USMLE prep” and I think I probably said the same thing after the surgical placement ended this year. It has definitely been on and off, weeks of super focused studying followed by a period where I get behind in the study plan. Of course in May, that will be my entire focus (that and finishing a school project due July 17th). I think I am going to do a live prep course over the summer to be safe. I hope that takes the nerves away, or at least minimizes them to a point where they are less distracting.

Anyway, Back to studying 36 days until exam period starts!

Love Well,
    Wife MD


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