Monday, February 2, 2015

65th Wiener Artze Ball 2015 Vienna Austria


What’s more “Medical Monday” than an a post about attending a ball with over 1000 waltzing doctors?! (I miss that link-up)
This Weekend I flew to Vienna with several classmates and met Ben to attend the Wiener Artze Ball at the Holfburg Palace. This was the 65th annual ball for medical doctors, and it was an absolutely amazing experience!  When Ben and I entered the palace we were blown away. The entrance featured a string quartet reminding me of my orchestra days.
There was a grand staircase with a red carpet leading to a hallway with the main ballroom. At the top of this staircase Ben and I took our picture and explored the rooms of the palace until the ball opened  The ball opened at 9:30 pm with a debutante committee as well as a Latin dance performance. There were a few “announcements” and introductions, that sounded quite regal, but I didn’t actually know what was being said because they were in German. After the performances were done, many doctors took the floor of the main ballroom for enjoy traditional dances such as the Waltz and Foxtrot. I did not see one couple that didn’t look professional.
 In addition to the main ballroom, there were a variety of other rooms that had different themes, there was a room for jazz music, Latin dance, swing dancing and even a room that played todays hits like Taylor Swift. Every room except the modern room had live music. The ball even featured a casino, ice cream and a few other performances throughout the night. Midway through the ball, Ben and I decided to make a trip to Café Sacher, so he could try the worlds most famous cake. After our dessert break, we went back to the ball for a light dinner and had many failed attempts at waltzing. We finally resorted to the modern music room accepting that we both need to invest in some Ballroom dance lessons to truly enjoy the next ball.
More info about the ball:
Video at the bottom
My Handsome Date

After Giving up on theWaltz
The entrance to the ball

Ice Skating before the ball.. Look at Ben #32 :D

Cafe Sacher



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