Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome To College!

Today I watched my little sister (in-law) go off to her first year of college, and I wonder, ‘Was I that young when I left?’ This exact day 5 years ago, I left the safety of my parent’s home, and drove away to college. I remember that day exactly. It was my dad’s birthday, so I was having another student I met on one of the freshman bulletin boards bring a cake to my new dorm room to surprise him. When my dad gets excited, he gets a little squirmy and playfully mean. He kept rushing me to put my stuff in my room, saying I can unpack after they left. He kept saying I didn’t need all the shoes and clothes I had (and he secretly threw them away or stole them). Of course I continued unpacking, and decorating, while my dad made fun of me. He thought I was holding on because I didn’t want him to leave, but I was really stalling until the girl came with his cake and balloons. I did end up getting annoyed with him for rushing, because I knew he didn’t mean it. When she showed up, he was so confused, but his confusion turned into his version of blushing. We enjoyed the cookie cake, went to lunch and went food shopping. I returned to my perfectly decorated room, and eat the rest of the cookie cake for breakfast and lunch the entire next week. Welcome to college!

To my little sister:
  I love you, and have no doubt that you succeed and excel in college. The only thing that could every stop you is yourself, so from day one, make that decision to never hold yourself back. Recognize the potential the creator made when he made you, and strive to reach your highest potential every day!

I love you!
“Welcome to college"
1) Ramen noodles are your friend
2) Do your assignment as soon as you get them
3) I haven’t met any biology major who completely loved it, but I promise its worth it
4) Make your study schedule now, before the hard work starts. It’s easier to keep the routine than to make it when you need it.
5) Join everything you can that interests you. If you follow rule number two, you WILL have the time.
-Plus this is a way to get free food!
6)Remind yourself what you are in college for monthly, weekly, or even daily
-Keeping up to date with your future field will keep you motivated and excited. You will look at what your learning and see how it will benefit your life
7) There is so much to learn out of the classroom, more than the books.
8) Live with no regrets, but do think of the consequences ahead of time!
9) Avoid doing things you would ever have to lie or be dishonest about. The last think you want ever worry about is hiding something.
10) Give back to others, at least monthly!
- I found myself through community service. You will be surprised when you volunteer to help others and end up learning about yourself. You may find your future aspirations this way, I did.
11) You WILL have problems. With your grades, a friend, or a class assignment. , Who knows what. It’s life. Don’t let you problems determine your attitude; but make your attitude improve and determine the outcome.
12) Your professors are there for you, use them if you need them.
Also there is no mommy and daddy to call your professors. Talk to them as soon as you feel like you are having trouble, not after it’s to late. (This was the hardest thing for me, I do not like asking for help)
13) Organization and time management! To do list, calendars, planners, expo boards. Find what works for you. Planning ahead is the best way to squeeze ever inch out of college without the sacrifice of your grades or your fun.
14) Don’t drink coffee until you need it. Avoid the addition as long as possible!!! lol
15) Rent your textbooks!, trust me, you can manage the first week without, while you wait for yours to be shipped
16) Ask for help when you need it. With your loving family, you will never have to go through anything alone.
17) Stay True to yourself
-While college is a time to grow and change, you know that there are certain values and beliefs you have that you should never feel pressured to stray from. In college you are going to meet people who were raised very different than you and may not share the same values as you. Don’t loose your values to make friends. You may make another friend who admires your strength to stay true to yourself.
18) Take a random class that has nothing to do with what you are learning just for the experience.
-I took Creative ideals or something like that. We decorated cereal boxes, and our final exam was the riddle “What walks on walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening”. The teacher accidently gave me the answer sheet. I was disappointed too, because I knew the answer! Anyway, I took this course the semester I was taking my most strenuous science classes. The 2 hours a week I spend in this class kept me sane. It was like scheduled playtime; without this class I would not have taken a break because I was so caught up in biology. And to be honest, I learned a lot about myself that could not be tested.
19) Everyone there is going to be meeting new people, and maybe a few a little unsure of themselves. Be the girl they know will welcome them with a smile when they enter a room of unfamiliar faces. You never know whom these people will turn out to be, how you might have helped them and how important they may become to you. 

Just think, in four years we will be retaking this picture, but this time you will be wearing the cap and gown! (hopefully in the same stadium *hint hint*)


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