Friday, March 28, 2014

Since Ben and I made the decision to start a family soon, we have been adding little things to our to-do list and setting goals an objectives for the next year. 

Ben and I both love expressing ourself through writing.We enjoy long letters instead of long phone call, saving the letters as memories. 

We planned on writing letters to our children as they grew up, but as soon as we decided their names, I reserved their names as email addresses.

I feel like this is a great alternative to give them an insight on how they influenced our life, starting from before day 0.

We will still have scrapbooks and collect letters, but quick emails can allow us to document even little memories, ones that don't come with something physical to save. 

Their first email was "We thought of you today"

When Baby Wanderlust turns 18 years old and get the password to the email, they will know the exact day that mommy and daddy thought them into existence. I thought this was pretty unique.

As time goes on we will send them little emails such as the ultrasounds, baby shower, nursery planning, my medical school graduation, moving  and just little memories that they won't remember. As they get older we continue to send them emails of their milestones. 

We will also be sharing the email with family and friends at out baby shower so that they can send emails too!

Baby Wanderlust refers to Ben's blog coming soon. Wanderlust will be our "last name" for blogging purposes. 


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