Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine this year.... my books

This Valentines Day would be my first Valentines Day “alone”. Not single, but Ben and I planned for him to come after Monday, so I could focus on an OSCE exam we have Monday. I thought I would feel more down than I did today, but it turned out to be a pretty successful day. I didn’t miss the “valentines day” activities. I spent the entire day studying then had dinner with a group of friends for a birthday.
I love Valentines Day for the celebration of love, and I really do feel like Ben treats me like his Valentine every day of the year. He is always surprising me with flowers or just other little things to show his affection. I knew Ben would try to do something to make valentines special and I told him not to this year. He already has to worry about coming here, and I am more concerned about seeing him than what he can get me.
Yes, we thought this may be edible
I know it may sound bad but I barely remember what he got me last year.  Not that I don’t appreciate it. Actually, its because I can’t remember if one the times he got me flowers, spoiled me with chocolates or decorated the house with candles and reminded me of his love was Valentines day or just another one of Ben’s appreciation days.  But when I think of Valentine’s day last year I instantly remember where we went to eat, what he wore, and the conversations we had at dinner (and during the loooong wait for dinner). I remember us laughing because there was something on fire on our plate that we though we could eat it, but later found out it was a chemical so it never burns out. I remember walking down the streets of the unique downtown atmosphere of Athens reflecting on how fast our first year of marriage went by. I instantly remember us acting silly dancing and playing around. After I sort through all the memories, I can begin to place the part when we exchanged gifts and then I remember the flower cards chocolate etc. Now I remember how lovely they were, but I appreciate the time we spent together and the memories we made even more.

Back home now, looking forward to seeing Ben next week, but I guess I'll go cuddle next to this years Valentine, my books!

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