Monday, September 16, 2013

Poem from Ben

It is extremely difficult to live away from my husband, and for the first two months it was hard to get used to sleeping alone, but waking up to poems like this really help motivate me to continue to work hard. I'm so glad I was blessed with such an amazing husband.

My wife, my heart, the most important part of my life.
Though we have distance between us now, our bright future together is in sight.
At times emotions may go awry and tension levels get high but us sticking together makes everything alright. 
As I train so we can travel the world and you train so you can heal it, our union of many years to come will continue to grow and remain fearless. 
Neither of us is perfect but we come together perfectly as one, and when all is said and done, we will be envied by most, hated by some, but divided by none.
So for now we must endure this little test of time, of being separated in body but we will never be separate of the mind.
Take what I have said and keep it close to your heart so when oceans lie between us, in spirit we won't be far apart.
So take these words I've written as a token of my affection, of my love and know I'm always thinking of you and you will always be my one, true love.


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